Ireland's National Disability Authority Conference

Posted on Tuesday 1st November 2011

Harriet Clarke, Lecturer in Social Policy and Social Research at the Institute of Applied Social Studies, was invited to attend and present at Ireland's National Disability Authority Annual Conference on 'People with Disabilities Participating Fully and Safely in the Community' (13 October 2011). The conference took place at Croke Park, Dublin and was vibrant and informative, fulfilling the NDA aim for its annual conferences of promoting disability research and promoting dissemination.

Harriet presented on learning from her research with disabled parents and their families, including from the special study commissioned by the Commission for Social Care Inspection (2009). The conference included other speakers from the UK (including Caroline Glendinning, SPRU, University of York; Annette Bauer, PSSRU - LSE; Beth Tarleton, Noray Fry, Bristol; John Waters, In Control), alongside colleagues from Ireland, Australia and the US. It was a great opportunity to find out more about current debates in different national contexts, and what can be learnt from each other's research, policy, practice and lived experience.

For further information about the conference, visit the National Disability Authority website.