Shaping Government policy to tackle Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hatred

Posted on Monday 27th February 2012

Chris Allen presenting at the 'Faith in the City' event

Since presenting evidence to the relaunched All Party Parliamentary Group on Islamophobia in November last year, IASS's Chris Allen has been asked to join the Government's Cross Party Working Group on Anti-Muslim hatred.

With its Secretariat based in the Department for Communities and Local Government, the Group will be bringing Parliamentarians, civil servants, academics and community representatives to review amongst other things, the contemporary key trends in anti-Muslim sentiment and hatred. Accountable to the Deputy Prime Minister, the Minister Without Portfolio and the Minister for Government Policy, the Group will work with key partners and Government departments to establish a series of recommendations for Government, other agencies and organisations about the practical steps that can be taken to reduce Islamophobia.

Having had its first meeting in January, the first task of the Group is to establish an evidence base relating to the scale of anti-Muslim hate crime and incidents in the UK, the conditions driving it, and whether any international interventions have been made to try and address negative attitudes towards Muslims. Chris will be drawing on his own research from the past decade into Islamophobia both in the UK and Europe to support this activity.

"Fifteen years on from the publication of the Runnymede Trust report in 1997, the report which placed Islamophobia on the public and political map in Britain, it would seem that the politicians are now sending a very clear message: in today's Britain, Islamophobia is no longer going to be tolerated or excused."

Chris added, "Not only is it a great honour to see the research I have undertaken here at the University of Birmingham over the past 12 years being so influential, but so too is a great honour - and opportunity - to be able to inform and shape the policy recommendations being made to Government in order to tackle this discriminatory phenomenon".