U21 Social Entrepreneur Corps programme Guatamala

Posted on Wednesday 29th February 2012

Guatamalan flag

Rosie Boyle, a 2nd year undergraduate Social Policy student, was successful in her application to attend the Universitas 21 Social Entrepreneur Corps project in Guatamala this summer, led by the University of Connecticut. Rosie initially secured a U21 bursary supporting her attendance and was described as an 'outstanding applicant' by Matt Clulee, International Relations Project Officer and the Careers and Employment Centre who are jointly funding this opportunity. Rosie was interviewed (via Skype) by staff in Connectucut to secure her place. Matt Clulee commented, "Rosie will benefit greatly from participation in this scheme and be a fantastic ambassador for the university as well.

U21 Social Entrepreneur Corps in Guatamala Programme

For the four-week long U21 programme, students interested in international development will work directly with Social Entrepreneur Corps field professionals and social entrepreneurs in Guatamala to help estabish new and grow existing micro-consignment supported businesses. The benefits include exposure to economic theories of social entrepreneurship and active engagement with case study analyses, Spanish language, and Guatamalan, including Mayan culture. The students will experience living with the local families and working intensively with community service organisations and local social entrepreneurs. For more information about this project, visit the Universitas 21 website.