Completed work on Community Investment and Housing Organisations

Posted on Wednesday 13th June 2012

David Mullins has recently completed a report for HACT, the housing action charity, on the community investment and community empowerment roles of housing organisations. Drawing on over 50 years of evidence the paper considers why housing organisations have such a key potential role in community empowerment, the importance of power and motivation, the need to think strategically while valuing relationships with residents and key local partners, and options for measuring progress and evidencing impact.

The paper includes an outline strategic framework with questions housing providers can discuss with the partners to enhance their impact on community empowerment. The paper is now being used by HACT to help inform its strategic framework for future work with social housing providers to 'reassert the social value of housing within communities'. HACT and TSRC are currently developing a knowledge transfer partnership proposal to support this work.

Vanessa Wilkes is currently supervised by David in a PhD on social impact measurement in the housing sectors. She and David have recently completed a survey for HACT on approaches to measuring impact of community investment activities by social landlords.

Professor David Mullins "We hope that this research will prove useful to the social housing sector. There is a lot of interest in the sector on this area at present and there is a clear benefit in more collaborative sharing of ideas to consider how much impact different approaches to community investment can have. At a time of political scepticism about the role of social housing, it is important to establish what evidence there is of a wider community impact."