Housing Providers: Evidencing their social impact

Posted on Wednesday 13th June 2012

David Mullins and Vanessa Wilkes drew on their recent survey of housing organisations for HACT'Community Investment by Social Housing Organisations: measuring the impact', and earlier research by David for the Tenant Services Organisation, 'Social Investment Performance Management Toolkit for Housing Organisations' (2010), to introduce a Roundtable Discussion convened by the Social Impact Analysts Association and HACT.

Their contribution asked 'Where has the housing sector got to in measuring social impact? and What approaches are being taken?' was followed by contributions from the housing sector, Government Economic Service, New Philanthropy Capital and the Social Impact Analysts Association. It identified widespread interest in developing robust but cost-effective methods to evidence the social impact of housing and related community investment work.

The report was previously covered by the media in an article in The Information Daily (formerly eGov monitor) - 'A Crucial Time for Impact Measurement - New research explores lessons being learned in housing sector'.

Further information

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