Why Social Work managers need to think like designers - and how to do it!

Birmingham City Centre (tbc)
Research, Social Sciences, Students
Tuesday 12th March 2013 (16:00-18:30)

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Leadership and Management Seminar Series 2013

Date: Tuesday 12 March, Birmingham City Centre Location (tbc)
Time: 4.00-6.30 pm
Professor David Wastell, Nottingham University

Hosted by the Public Service Academy and led by leading academics with extensive experience in policy and practice, the seminars are targeted at leaders and managers in all areas of the social work profession. Seminars will also be of interest to academics, postgraduate students and professionals in related health and social care disciplines.

In this seminar, David Wastell, Professor of Information Systems, Nottingham University Business School, will argue the case for the design attitude, providing an overview of his own design methodology (SPRINT) which has been explicitly developed for public managers. Case studies involving innovative applications of IT will be featured.

The need for managers in social care to adopt a design mentality is underscored in Munro's final report: "Leadership is much more than the authority of key figureheads. It is essential that local leaders fundamentally consider if their service is configured optimally to meet the needs of children and families".

The failure of leaders to engage in systems design can have drastic effects, exemplified by the vicissitudes of the Integrated Children's System. The "design attitude" involves managers getting closer to practice, and requires a critical reconsideration of the meaning of "being strategic". Without a firm grounding in the operational world, strategy is as "blind as theory without practice". The design attitude also enjoins a different relationship with technology, namely its potential to achieve radical improvements in service performance and efficacy.

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