Research team from IASS launch new research into anti-social behaviour

Posted on Tuesday 23rd April 2013

IASS researcher at launch of new research into anti-social behaviourA research team from IASS yesterday launched a new report setting out the findings from a research project which sought to explore the issue of anti-social behavior (ASB).

Entitled "Supporting Peabody communities: a fresh approach to antisocial behaviour", the report's findings formed part of a workshop co-facilitated with London-based social housing provider Peabody Homes at the London Wellbeing Conference 2013, held at the prestigious Gaziers Hall in central London.

Recognising that ASB as one of the most challenging issues facing society today not least because of the fear and distress it can cause ordinary people - affecting their health, wellbeing and home life – the research team worked with Peabody to to understand the views and perceptions of residents and staff about ASB and crime on its estates. In doing so the research team hoped to identify best practice to improve intervention and develop better preventative measures. In doing so, the report includes almost fifty direct recommendations.

Led by Chris Allen, the IASS research team included Kathryn Farrow, Nathan Hughes, David Mullins and Özlem Ögtem Young.

The full report is available to download for free here (PDF)

Download the executive summary (PDF)  

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