Bleak future lies in wait for the families of Woolwich suspects

Posted on Thursday 30th May 2013

Surinder GuruSurinder Guru, Lecturer in Social Work at the University of Birmingham, writes for 'The Conversation' on the future the families of the Woolwich murder suspects may be facing.

"The family of Woolwich murder suspect Michael Adebalajo have broken their silence, issuing a statement in which they condemned acts of terror and religious violence and sent their 'heartfelt condolences' to the family of Lee Rigby.

The statement expressed the family's 'shame and distress' - and as Britain stands in solidarity with the Rigby family, it is important to remember the other families stricken with another type of torment, to whom no words of solace are offered.

In my experience, having worked with the families of suspects caught up on counter-terrorism operations, relatives of the two suspects, inparticular, will have been stunned beyond belief that their sons and brothers might be capable of such horrendous actions...."

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