Arson, attack and accusation

Posted on Wednesday 12th June 2013

IASS's Dr Chris Allen writes in this week's Huffington Post:

Following the fire at the Darul Uloom School in Chislehurst, south east London on Saturday, three days after fire destroyed the Bravanese Community Centre in Muswell Hill, north London, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe called for unity:

"We should not allow the murder of Lee Rigby to come between Londoners. The unified response we have seen to his death across all communities will triumph over those who seek to divide us."

In light of the two fires, the Commissioner explained how the Metropolitan Police is intending to provide 24-hour patrols at "vulnerable" Islamic sites across the capital.  

For Sir Hogan-Howe to go public would seem to suggest that the current situation is being taken very seriously. The threat of further reprisal attacks following the murder of Lee Rigby in Woolwich seemingly causing genuine concern.

By stating this, I run the very real risk of one of the various high-profile detractors of Islamophobia lodging one or more accusations against me. Aside from the well worn argument that Islamophobia does not exist, I might instead be accused of over-exaggerating or maybe further fuelling the 'Islamophobia industry' that to them at least, I am a part of.....

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