Birmingham delegation visit Seoul

Posted on Friday 28th June 2013

Alumni group dinner, Seoul

Institute of Applied Social Studies academics, John Doling, Barbara Fawcett and Liz Ross visited Seoul in South Korea during the week beginning 17th June. The highlight of the visit was a dinner, bringing together alumni from the Policy into Practice programme, PhD graduates and visiting scholars who had spent time at Birmingham since 2000. The dinner was addressed by Byung Zik Chu, an earlier graduate from the University who went on to become a minister in the Korean Ministry of Construction and Transportation in 2005.

During the visit to Seoul, meetings were held with the Ministry of Security and Administration, Seoul Metropolitan Government and Gyeonggi-Do Regional Government, all of whom sponsor their officers to study the Policy into Practice programmes. On the final evening the Birmingham delegation were invited to a dinner with the Korean Institute of Public Administration whose president, Eun-jae Lee, has visited the University, particularly INLOGOV over many years.

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