On Religion and Diversity

Posted on Tuesday 9th July 2013

Martin Stringer, Professor of Liturgical and Congregational Studies in the Department of Theology and Religion, writes his latest Blog 'On Religion and Diversity':

"Late May, early June is not a good time within University life to find time for blogs. With examinations, in my case the proof reading and indexing of the new book, and preparing papers for a series of one day workshops and conferences. However, much of that is now past and I have something of a backlog of issues to write about. Here is the first, coming out of the CARD network workshop in Aarhus in mid May. This also forms the first blog in the series on 'Towards a General Theory of Religion', although probably in itself it does not address that directly. I was at a workshop in London on Tuesday on Religion and Census, and I am going to Turku next week to present a paper at a European Sociology of Religion conference on religion and superdiversity. All these will focus on the issue of diversity and so I will try and bring them together after getting back from Turku and at that point I will link them into the wider theme...."

Read Martin's full Blog 'On Religion and Diversity' here