Quality placements drives up standards for social work students

Posted on Thursday 25th July 2013

Head of qualifying practice learning at the Institute of Applied Social Studies at the University of Birmingham, Rachel Hek, has contributed to a recent article in 'Community Care' entitled 'How we provide social work students with quality placements to drive up standards'. The article features Core Assets, which has had a long relationship with the University and which provides practice placements to Birmingham social work students.

"Head of qualifying practice learning at Birmingham University, Rachel Hek explains: “Over the years we have built up a strong partnership with Core Assets based on the quality of placements they are able to offer our final years students. It is reassuring to know our provider has the capacity and expertise to offer excellent learning opportunities which will equip students for the workplace. Students are able to undertake a range of work including statutory tasks and also come away with an overview of child care legislation and processes.”

Read the full article here

Watch this short film about the experience of Birmingham social work students on placement at Core Assets.