Special issue on Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power

Posted on Monday 16th September 2013

Special issue of Identities: Global studies in culture and power on ‘Ethnography, Diversity and Urban Space’, co-edited by Mette Louise Berg (COMPAS and ISCA, University of Oxford), Ben Gidley (COMPAS, University of Oxford) and Nando Sigona (IRiS, University of Birmingham).

This special issue is a substantial contribution to the growing scholarly literature on 'diversity', containing an introductory essay by Berg and Sigona which places the ‘diversity turn’ within studies of migration and multiculture historically and discusses the implications of concepts such as ‘diversity’ and more recently ‘super-diversity’ for scholarship, policy and identity politics. The collection includes also seven ethnographic articles (Gidley, Schmoll and Semi, Rhys-Taylor, Wessendorf, Rogaly and Qureshi, Jensen, and Meier) and an epilogue (Fog-Olwig). The collection argues that diversity is a helpful concept for studies of migration and multiculture because it avoids the essentialism and bias towards ethnic affiliation often characterising studies within the multiculturalism framework, while being more grounded locally than studies within the transnationalism framework. It examines the methodological implications of increasing diversity and complexity on ethnographic studies and the definition of the ‘field’. It makes the point that increasing urban diversity poses a challenge to ethnographic ideals of ‘immersion’ and wholeness.

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