IASS Lecturer Stuart Connor releases book on 'Making Sense of Social Problems and the Policy Process'

Posted on Thursday 26th September 2013

What's your problem?Stuart Connor, IASS Lecturer in Social Policy, has many years of experience both teaching and researching contemporary social policy and practice. His new book, ‘What’s Your Problem: Making Sense of Social Problems and the Policy Process’, provides a vital introduction and guide for a critical engagement with social problems.

It draws on Stuart’s vast experience of researching, teaching and working with individuals and organisations in a range of policy settings.

What’s Your Problem argues that policy does not just have an impact on people’s lives, but that people can and should have an impact on policy. It also provides an account of the questions that have been asked and some of the lessons that have been learned as people have attempted to make sense of social problems and influence and shape policy. What’s Your Problem is an essential piece of work for those studying Social Policy and those with an interest in the subject.

Read exclusive extracts by visiting www.criticalpublishing.com or by following Stuart on Twitter @policybrum

About Stuart

Stuart Connor is currently a lecturer in Social Policy at the University of Birmingham, in the School of Social Policy. Stuart’s teaching and research interests include critical approaches to the analysis of contemporary social policy and practice. This work includes examining the role of governments, trade unions, NGOs, social movements, communities and practitioners in the fabrication of 'social problems' and attempts to legitimate, challenge and shape particular policy responses.

For more information about ‘What’s Your Problem: Making Sense of Social Policy and the Policy Process’, please visit http://criticalpublishing.com/index.php/browse-by-subject-1/social-work/whats-your-problem.html.