Birmingham Perspective: The true impact of migration for the UK

Posted on Thursday 17th October 2013

As immigration tops the news agenda yet again, in the latest Birmingham Perspective, two academics from the Institute for Research into Superdiversity (IRiS), Professor Jenny Phillimore and Dr Nando Sigona, examine the real issues behind the headlines and the true impact of migration for the UK.

Dr Nando Sigona, Birmingham Fellow, School of Social Policy: Are the migrants drowned off the coast of Lampedusa a European tragedy?

Dr Nando Sigona"At a time of crisis for the European project, when we witness various attempts to renationalise powers previously devolved to Brussels, tragedies like the one in Lampedusa can become an opportunity for the EU to reaffirm the principles on which the EU project was initially founded, and claim back a role that has recently been questioned as never before in recent history. Finding an EU answer to the tragedy of Lampedusa is therefore essential not only to avoid more deaths in the Mediterranean, but for the EU itself and its survival as a political project." Read the full perspective

Professor Jenny Phillimore, Professor of Migration and Superdiversity: Where next in integration?

Jenny Phillimore"Sitting in a room with ten academics specialising in integration plus the EU Commissioners for Migration and Integration last week we were collectively charged with the task of trying to design a package of research that could feed into post-Stockholm programme European integration policy. The question of what constitutes integration and how it might be facilitated is one that has received a great deal of attention from academics and policymakers over the years and has yet to be answered. Eight hours spent discussing integration possibly raised more questions than answers and helped me to realise that attitudes to migration and integration vary enormously across the EU and of course depend on the academic discipline from which they are explored." Read the full perspective

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