Professor Karen Rowlingson discusses the potential outcome of this week's budget

Posted on Tuesday 18th March 2014

Academics from the University of Birmingham, including Professor Karen Rowlingson from the School of Social Policy and Director of the Centre on Household Assets and Savings Management (CHASM), contributed to the latest Birmingham Perspective, to discuss the potential impact of this week's budget on ordinary people and the British economy.

Karen Rowlingson says:

Karen Rowlingson"Recent budgets have imposed swingeing cuts on social security benefits for people of working age. The impact of these cuts are starting to be felt with increasing queues at food banks, increasing use of payday lending to make ends meet and growing levels of rent arrears among social tenants.

George Osborne warns that even more cuts will be needed after the next election and housing benefit for the under 25s could be next for the spending axe.

But more than half of social security spending goes on pensioners, so will the government start to target pensioners’ benefits, perhaps means-testing bus passes and winter fuel payments? These universal benefits currently go to the richest pensioners as well as the poorest. Or will they continue to protect pensioners’ benefits and cut those of the working-age population?"

To leave a comment on the above opinion, as well as read Professor John Bryson's views on the budget's impact on ordinary people, please visit the University of Birmingham Budget 2014 Perspective.

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