Superdiversity: Theory, method and practice in an era of change

Posted on Thursday 24th July 2014

IRiS Conference 2014

The Institute for Research into Superdiversity recently held the world's first international, interdisciplinary conference on superdiversity at the University of Birmingham Business School. The conference was attended by around 200 delegates from across the world who had the opportunity to go to 138 papers, three plenary sessions, two keynote lectures and a policy panel.

Professor Jan Blommaert, University of Tilburg, "It was a conference with a buzz….an exciting and exhilarating feeling that people are together because stuff is new and intriguing, a conference driven by curiosity and interest rather than by routine and careerism. We need more of those. Thanks to all of you and to your team for an excellent, truly excellent meeting."

Professor Jenny Phillimore, "Having so many people from so many disciplines talking and thinking about superdiversity in one place for the first time, really helped us to think about the ways in which we might take theory and methods around superdiversity forward over the next few years."

Podcasts are now available from the Conference. Please visit our Podcasts and Abstracts page.


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