Taxing our wealth – do we have it right?

Social Sciences
Tuesday 4th (00:00) - Thursday 6th November 2014 (00:00)

Andy Lymer
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Karen Rowlingson
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As part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science, a series of linked events targeted at 16-18 year olds will be addressing the question - do we have the tax system right when it comes to taxing people’s wealth? Three debates will occur exploring the topic with this particular age group. One will be hosted at the University of Birmingham as part of its established Masterclass programme – an open invitation event for sixth form students from the region. Two further linked events will also occur in the week where the event team will go to the students where they are further afield.

The development of the taxation of wealth in the UK is relevant to this age group as those who are about to take up roles as the next generation of taxpayers who, given rising inequality in the UK, the continued fall out of the financial crisis and coupled with rising life expectancies, are going to be facing very different economic prospects to those of the previous generation. The issue of fair and appropriate taxation is therefore going to matter to this generation even more so than it has previously if they are to create a system that can both tax fairly and continue to meet future benefit provision needs.

Before attendance participants will be sent a questionnaire to complete to enable them to prepare to participate in this event. An online post-event questionnaire and reflective narrative from participants will enable them to report back on how their thinking may have developed as a result of participation and to continue the discussion with willing parties.

  • Tuesday 4th November - sixth form/fifth year pupils studying economics at Malvern St James Girls School, Malvern
  • Wednesday 5th November - University of Birmingham - Outreach Masterclass 1-3pm for 14-18 year olds
  • Thursday 6th November - students studying for A levels and other betcha etc quals in business and political science at Birmingham Metropolitan College (TBC) and BTEC in business and political science.

The Centre for Household Assets and Saving Management (CHASM) at the University of Birmingham researches issues of wealth inequality and has a tax workstream within their remit. At the end of 2013 they completed a year-long Policy Commission looking at the impact of wealth inequality on modern Britain. These events build on the launch of that report and subsequent research undertaken by the CHASM team and others during 2014 on this topic. This event will provide a platform to bring the academic contributions to this debate in front of the next generation of taxpayers.