Care transitions project: Resource pack

Starting to get services

These documents may be used by those involved in co-research activities, providing full credit is given to the University of Birmingham.

Following the recently completed SDO-funded project, exploring older service user and carers' experiences of transitions in care, a resource pack has been put together for others to use. These resources may be useful to others as a starting point for co-research projects.

Co-researcher recruitment

Information sheet:  Plain language information sheet used to approach and recruit people to the co-researcher role, with information about the project, who we were looking for, and what taking part in the study would involve.

Job description and person specification: Co-researcher 'job description' providing more detailed information about the role, what activities co-researchers would undertake and what training and support would be provided.

Application form: Those interested in being a co-researcher were asked to formally apply for the role.

Co-researcher training

Day 1 training programme: Detailed programme (including trainer notes) for the first co-researcher training day, the main aims of which were to introduce co-researchers to the project and each other, identify areas to include in the interview topic guide and explore co-researcher expectations and support needs.

Day 1 full set of slides: Powerpoint slides used in the first training day.

Day 2 training programme: Detailed programme (including trainer notes) for the second training day, the main aims of which were to introduce the concept and methods of social research, give co-researchers the opportunity to practise their interviewing skills and gaining consent, and confirm practical arrangements for conducting the interviews together.

Day 2 full set of slides: Powerpoint slides used in the second training day.

Interview practice scenarios: A series of interview scenarios developed for co-researchers to practice their interviewing skills.

Conducting the interviews

Interview checklist: Checklist to help co-researchers prepare for and carry out interviews.

Interview plans: (Diagnosis of dementia and Into and out of hospital) Interviews were carried out using a narrative approach, with participants asked to tell the story of what had happened to them (and pictures used to illustrate the different types of care transition that were being explored in interview). The plans were used to guide the interviews and ensure that information on all relevant issues was gathered.

Going into hospitalStarting servicesTransitions images: Visual representations of transitions, which could be used to help the participant tell their story and share their experiences. The study focused on two different types of care transition - 'going into and leaving hospital' and 'starting to receive services for dementia'.

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