Anti-social behaviour models (2012)

Objectives of the research

To support Peabody to have an improved understanding of:

  • Its Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) policies and strategies and how these compare to existing knowledge of similar ASB policies and strategies in the housing and other relevant social sectors.
  • What is currently known about the scale of ASB on Peabody's estates.
  • How Peabody work more creatively and effectively with its partners to eradicate ASB and promote community safety issues.
  • The current views and perceptions of both residents and staff towards ASB and crime on its estates.
  • What is perceived to be working well in terms of addressing and ultimately reducing levels of ASB and crime, likewise also what is not perceived to be working so well.
  • What more could be done by those from the statutory sector, for example, the police.

Methodological approaches

Employing a variety of different methodological approaches, the research team will undertake a research project on behalf of Peabody to consider what constitutes ASB 'best practice', how and where this is most effective and efficient, as well as supporting Peabody to identify new and innovative approaches - including considering those being utilised by other social housing providers - to tackling ASB. These include engaging with residents (including complainants and perpetrators, where applicable), Peabody staff (especially Community Safety Team members), reviewing existing ASB policies and strategies, and consulting other housing providers.

Further information

Chris Allen
Research Fellow, IASS

Date: 2012
Sponsored by: Peabody