The role of social capital in refugee integration (2012-2013)

Social networks, social capital and refugee integration (PDF)This study, led by Jenny Phillimore, with Dr Sin Yi Cheung of Cardiff University, will utilise data collected in a longitudinal survey of refugee integration commissioned by the Home Office, to ask what impact do familial and social networks have on refugees' ability to integrate?

This data is available via ESDS and is based upon the Survey of New Refugees undertaken between 2005 and 2009 with 5,600 refugees. While the researchers commissioned by the Home Office analysed the data looking at the factors associated with housing, employment and language, they did not look in detail at the relationship between different kinds of social and family relationships, and integration variables.

We propose a small, collaborative project that will plug the gap in knowledge about the role of social capital in refugee integration. We aim to increase understanding about the impact of social capital, emerging from social and familial networks, on refugee integration and to disseminate the findings to policymakers and practitioners at local, regional and national level through our existing policy networks and a seminar/workshop.


The full report 'Social networks,social capital and refugee integration' can be downloaded here

Download a copy of the Executive Summary (PDF)

Further information

Jenny Phillimore
Senior Lecturer, IASS

Date: 2012-2013
Sponsored by: Nuffield Foundation