Resilient, mutual self-help in Cities of growing diversity

City centreFunded by the AHRC.

This proposal aims to stimulate research and promote debate in relation to community self-reliance, resilience, social and community capital, empowerment and participation: review topic three of the AHRC's Connected Communities call for initial scoping studies and research reviews.

Whilst these issues have been explored individually in an array of disciplinary areas, they have not been the subject of connected consideration. This review proposes to connect three distinct but related literatures - resilience, diversity and mutualism. It will draw on cross-disciplinary research and research related literature from social policy, planning and urban policy to help map the evolution of thinking around resilient, mutual self-help and participation, both formal and informal, in an era of 'super-diversity' (Vertovec 2008). It will also seek to fill the gaps in our knowledge about the realities of these activities in order to assist in the development of current government policy around localism and the 'Big Society'.

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If you would like further information about this research project, please contact Lisa Goodson, Institute of Applied Social Studies,

March 2011-October 2011