Community-Police engagement and partnerships for preventing terror crime: a collaboration involving researchers in the UK, US and Northern Ireland

SkyscraperFunded by the ESRC

Three week-long research exchanges between researchers in the United Kingdom, the United States of America and in Northern Ireland, in order to discuss the compare the research findings in relation to community and police engagement and partnership work in relation to terror crime prevention, to highlight similarities and differences between the UK, US and Northern Ireland contexts.

Issues such as what is success? What role does community policing play? What kind of community policing models are being utilised? What is the role of trust? and so forth, will be addressed. This will help generate a number of academic and policy-focused outputs.

During the week-long visits, the researchers will take the opportunity to visit some of the initiatives taking place within the UK, US and Northern Ireland to gain a better sense of the international context.

The week-long exchanges will also involve bringing together researchers, policy makers, community members and police officers involved in community-based terror crime prevention at 3 workshops, one based in the United States, one in the United Kingdom and one in Northern Ireland, to discuss policy and practice needs and ways of bringing together wide-ranging experiences and expertise for ongoing learning.

The research, policy and practice exchanges listed above will also have the aim of producing a book that consists of applied case studies in relation to engagement and partnership work between communities and the police for preventing terror crime.

More information

If you would like further information concerning this research project, please contact Basia Spalek, Director of Research and Knowledge Transfer and Reader in Communities and Justice,

February to July 2011