Personalisation and Severe Mental Illness: Impact for individuals and organisations (2010-2013)

Funded by National Schizophrenia Fellowship (Rethink)

Recent government policy on personalisation has been to encourage health and social care delivery organisations to give service users more control over how the budget for their care is used (self-directed support).

Co-ordinated by Rethink (a national mental health charity) and funded by the Big Lottery, this national study is exploring how the implementation of this policy is affecting the experience of service users, their families and the front-line organisations involved in delivering services to them. The focus is on people with more serious mental health needs and how they may or may not be benefiting from changes that are taking place.

The research is taking place in a variety of study sites across the country which are taking very different approaches to implementation.


Jerry Tew

April 2010 - March 2013