Review of Small Projects funded by European Integration Fund, European Refugee Fund and the Return Fund in 2009 and 2010

Aston WebbFunded by UKBA
In collaboration with Sheffield Hallam University

Research to assess the implementation and impact of projects funded under three European Commission Funds. In particular, the evaluation will seek to answer questions on the effectiveness, efficiency and impact of the projects at a fund level.

Over the course of the 2 years of evaluation, the following research questions shall be addressed:


  • What are the key results and outcomes of the project intervention?
  • To what extent are the effects resulting from the intervention consistent with its objectives?
  • If they were not consistent, which factors influenced under or over-achievement (success factors and lessons learned)?
  • Have unanticipated effects occurred as a result of the intervention?


  • Were the resources for implementing the intervention made available on time, in the appropriate quantity?
  • Were the resources used and objectives targeted proportional?


  • What are the impacts of the intervention?
  • How strong/direct is the causal link between the intervention and its impact, and what is the weight of other (favourable) contextual factors?
  • What are the key success factors/obstacles to impacts occurring?

Relevance and coherence

  • To what extent was the intervention relevant to the identified problems and needs of the target group?
  • Was the logic of the intervention (problem - objectives - measures - effects) coherent?

Process and organisational arrangements

  • What were the main challenges encountered?
  • How and to what extent were stakeholders involved?
  • To what extent did the management and organisation of the intervention favour, or inhibit the achievement of the objectives?

Mainstreaming - Sustainability

  • What are the conditions for transferring the results of the intervention?

More information

If you would like further information concerning this research project, please contact:

Jenny Phillimore
Institute of Applied Social Studies

Lisa Goodson
Institute of Applied Social Studies

October 2010-September 2012