Consultancy and evaluation

At HSMC, we are acutely aware of the challenges health and social care communities face as well as the rapid pace of change that is required to deliver the reform agenda, which can often result in little time for embedding reflexivity, learning and change into the organisations. Also, given that service development is now the business of every manager, clinical leader and practitioner, and not just something brought to organisations by external experts, our focus is to work alongside health and social care organisations and their partners to improve organisational performance and model processes of continual reflexivity and learning.

We bring a combination of practical relevance and academic rigour to our work, thereby ensuring that our approach is 'theory rich' in design and 'theory light' in delivery. In addition, we seek to ensure that ‘whole systems’ benefit from the development opportunities and investment made, such that change is sustainable across a number of different partner involved in service delivery.

We take an eclectic approach to development and change activities and in this way; draw upon a rich and varied resource of models and interventions to support health and social care in context. 

As with research, all of HSMC’s programmes are involved in a range of development activity, which takes a number of forms.

Personal development

  • Leadership development
  • Coaching
  • Action Learning

Team development

  • Team building and development 

Organisation development

  • Diagnostic intervention
  • Strategic planning
  • Service evaluation
  • Board development
  • Whole system review and development
  • Service improvement


Further information

If you would like to discuss how HSMC can help you or your organisation in any of these areas please contact:

Robin Miller