Consultancy and evaluation

At HSMC we see Consultancy as an opportunity to use our academic skills and knowledge to support policy makers and front-line health and social care organisations. It also helps us to understand the current challenges faced by patients, families, providers and commissioners which we can then use to inform our future research and teaching. For us, then, consultancy helps to deliver our stated commitment to both rigour and relevance.

The main consultancy activities at HSMC are evaluation and development activities. We also provide support in a 'critical friend' role in which we will provide facilitation and critical thinking to organisations reviewing, planning or undertaking change in response to current and future challenges.

The benefits of engaging with HSMC in relation to consultancy work are:

  • An approach that is both independent in view and supportive in nature.
  • Our ability to bring learning from wider research and theory.
  • Our integrity in costing that ensures that we only undertake activity that is necessary and which would benefit from our involvement - if we are not the right people to provide support we always try to recommend someone better suited to the project.
  • Our commitment to leaving a legacy within the organisation rather than simply doing 'one-off' pieces of work.
  • Our connections with the wider University and the UK and international health and social care systems.

Further information

If you would like to discuss how HSMC can help you or your organisation in any of these areas please contact:

Robin Miller