Integrated Care Development Programme


Better integration is at the heart of the current health and social care reforms.

It has the potential to deliver improved outcomes for individuals and a more effective use of resources across the NHS and local government system. There are many reasons why it is not achieved in practice though, with different perspectives, cultures, priorities and language between primary and acute sectors, children and adult services, and commissioners and providers being common barriers. HSMC is at the forefront of UK based research, policy making and delivery of integrated care and has built on this accumulated expertise to develop a unique team based development programme. This supports teams from local health and social care economies to work on a priority business case and in so doing achieve individual and team competence to deliver integrated care in practice.

For further details please contact Robin Miller, or Hilary Brown

How to apply

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Paula Furness, Director of Integration, Staffordshire Partnership Trust, Sponsor of 2011 team
"Our team have used their learning and closer working relationships to demonstrate to the rest of the organisation how we can better lead and so deliver integrated working"

Objectives of the Programme

The ICDP has three objectives.

  • Increased staff competency in the kind of collaborative commissioning and delivery required for the future; hard skills related to appraising and using evidence, and writing business plans, and relational skills related to management of change, partnership working and self development.
  • Strong partnerships across acute, primary care and community health and adult social care/children’s services staff who work together locally, which will deliver improved future collaborative working. 
  • Efficiency savings through local teams developing high quality evidence-based business and implementation plans for priorities related to integrated care in each participating area

Design of the Programme

The ICDP consists of nine days divided into four modulesdelivered over a six month period. The content and process are based on HSMC’s considerable experience of delivering leadership and teaching programmes and combines:

  • Expert analysis and discussion on the latest policy and evidence in relation to integration.
  • Practical development of business planning skills through support and challenge sessions by Finnamore and external panels of senior leaders.
  • Individual and team based work on initiating and managing change, gaining support and engagement and securing quality outcomes through people.
  • Designated tutor support to improve personal and group understanding of how teams work together and the individual’s contribution.
  • A focus on applying learning in the local context and building capacity and skills for future success.

  "The Integrated Care Development Programme provided an ideal framework in which to weave together an understanding of the theoretical concepts related to Health and Social Care with the very practical business of writing a robust case."

Eligibility and support to attend

The ICDP is open to teams of three or more senior managers from the organisations relevant to the business case in question. The applicants can be commissioners or providers but must include at least one person from health and one from social care. Our experience of previous programmes highlights that teams must attend all the taught days and be given time in between modules to work on the business case. They also require local support in relation to data analysis, financial forecasting and approval processes.

To co-ordinate their work each team must have a sponsor at Director level from one of the participating organisations. Sponsors will be expected to attend an initial briefing and keep in contact with their team. We also expect the team to have the opportunity to present to the Health & Well-Being Board (or relevant sub-committee).

The programme will be run from HSMC’s base at Park House on the University of Birmingham campus. Overnight accommodation can be provided on site for an additional fee (dinner, bed and breakfast).

We are also able to deliver the programme outside of Birmingham if there are sufficient participants in the locality.

Delivery Partner: Finnamore Consulting

Finnamore is the largest independent consultancy that works almost exclusively in health and social care, and won the 2012 Health Investor Award for 'Consultants of the Year'. The company focuses on strategic and organisational development, performance and financial improvement, and health improvement. Finnamore works with delivery and commissioning organisations with issues ranging from the relatively straightforward to the very complex, from perennial issues to new ground breaking work and developments. Much of their current work is focused on improving cost, quality and productivity through process redesign and change management.

Further details of Finnamore and its work 

Application Process

For further details or informal enquiries about potential applications please contact Robin Miller, or Hilary Brown,

Download the leaflet on Integrated Care (PDF)