A co-operative approach to social care

Health Services Management Centre, Park House, University of Birmingham
Thursday 30th June 2011 (09:15-16:30)

Ann Thomas
Events Coordinator
Health Services Management Centre
Park House
40 Edgbaston Park Road
Birmingham, B15 2RT

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This event will increase people’s awareness and understanding of co-operative models in social care and will provide an opportunity to reflect and discuss these with presenters and other attendees. The event will cover both the ‘principles’ of co-operative organisational models and how these have been ‘practically’ applied in social care settings. Presenters include leading representatives from the co-operative movement, the Cabinet Office and the Department of Health and also people who have developed successful co-operatives delivering a range of social care services, including foster care, home care and advocacy.

Event flyer which gives further information, programme, booking form and payment details (pdf; 128KB; opens in new window)