Tony Cook (1983-1994)

Tony Cook, HSMC (1983-1994)I joined HSMC in January 1983 after a two year research project at the University of Bath which was looking at the problems of controlling capital expenditure in the NHS, and which was subsequently written up as my PhD Thesis. HSMC was a whole new environment to me, and I found the two worlds of academic life in a University, and management in The British NHS bewildering. However, it was not to end there, as I soon discovered that HSMC had many international links. As well as teaching financial management to overseas healthcare managers visiting Birmingham on the IHF Programme, I found myself visiting Mexico (6 times, I think), Costa Rica, Colombia, Hong Kong, The Maldives and the USA. I am eternally grateful to HSMC for these experiences.

Since leaving HSMC at the end of 1994 life has continued to be interesting. Perhaps the most significant news to HSMC colleagues is that Sue Elias and I married in 1998. 14 years later we are still going strong, and (Sue might have a different view) very happy. On the academic front I am still doing some teaching part time in the Business School, and some examination marking for the University of London. On the non-academic front, I have done two spells as an NHS NED, four years as a member of the West Midlands Police Authority, and three years as Chairman of Stourbridge and Halesowen Magistrates.

I am still umpiring cricket matches (and currently making waves at Warwickshire CCC over the poor service they give their own members), and Sue and I are regulars at the CBSO and the Birmingham Royal Ballet. Life is good.