Simon Duffy (2006-present)

Simon Duffy, HSMC (2006-present)I have been an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at HSMC since 2006. During that time I have always enjoyed the support and stimulation offered by HSMC. It is a place where real thinking can be done, and it is a place that knows how to integrate the perspectives of practitioners, advocates and theorists.

When I began my relationship with HSMC I was running In Control and part of the maelstrom of political conflict around the early developments in pesonalisation. The support of HSMC during this time was vital and encouraging - it showed that academics could re-examine old assumptions and support new innovations.

In 2009 I set up The Centre for Welfare Reform and the ongoing support of HSMC has been invaluable. In particular we have been able to run events to explore truly radical ways to reform the current system, and we have published many papers jointly.

HSMC provides a great model for making academic expertise relevant and supportive of positive change. It is a supportive community, a thoughtful place and a real asset to civil society.