Developments in priority setting at HSMC

Posted on Tuesday 2nd October 2012

HSMC was well represented at the recent conference of the International Society on Priorities in Health Care in Vancouver. Tim Freeman presented a paper entitled ‘Accountable and reasonable? Priority setting in the UK NHS’. This drew on data collected as part of a Nuffield Trust-funded study of Primary Care Trusts from which two peer reviewed journal articles are now available (see below). Tom Daniels – a PhD student at HSMC – presented a paper entitled ‘Disinvestment in the English NHS: a qualitative investigation’ and Iestyn Williams spoke at a post-conference workshop on the theme of ‘Tackling termination in health services’. Iestyn has now been elected as secretary of the Society.

New priority setting publications:

Robinson, S., Williams, I. Dickinson, H., Freeman, T., Rumbold, B. (2012) The practice of priority setting and rationing in health care: the English Experience. Social Science and Medicine,

Robinson, S., Dickinson, H., Freeman, T., Rumboldt, B., Williams, I. (2012) Structures and processes for priority setting by healthcare funders: a national survey of primary care trusts in England. Health Services Management Research (September edition).

Lafi, R., Robinson, S., Williams, I. (2012) Economic evaluation and health care rationing in Jordan: a study of national-level priority setting. Value in Health,