Associate staff

HSMC maintains a team of associate staff whom we draw on from time to time, either because of specific skills and expertise, or because of capacity needs. Associate staff bring with them a range of skills and experiences in health and social care which are valuable in ensuring our desire to be both relevant as well as rigorous. HSMC offers associates interesting areas of work in teaching, consultancy and research and whole-day development sessions throughout the year.

Our Associate staff can all be contacted via:Deborah Davidson, or Sharon Casey

Gill Combes, Senior Associate

Gill was a successful leader, with experience in a variety of management and leadership roles, in the NHS, the voluntary sector and research. In addition, she has ten years in research and development (including completing a masters and PhD), which has been followed by 19 years in NHS commissioning and leadership roles, and 4 years in consultancy and teaching. She has a strong track record of achievement in both developmental and corporate roles, is delivered by combining vision and innovation with practical change management skills. An open, inclusive and positive style is combined with strong strategic and critical thinking skills.

Jeremy Crabb, Senior Associate

Jeremy was a successful senior NHS leader in both Primary Care and Acute sectors, and has a strong track record in working with Local Government. He works extensively with NHS Boards, Health and Wellbeing Boards, clinical and multi-agency teams, and enjoys the challenge of developing change with senior leaders and clinicians. His interest in systems leadership and Complex Adaptive Systems, means he often works across the boundaries of teams and organisations, challenging cultural norms and behaviours. He has an MSc in OD and Consultancy for which he was awarded a Distinction and the Torres Pumps prize, and is an experienced coach.

Joan Durose, Senior Associate

Joan's main interests lie in the theory and practice of individual, team and organisational development and the application of leadership to organisational development. She is focused on the 'so what?' of leadership and believes that individuals perform at their best when their work is aligned to their personal values. From her early days working in Community Development Joan's personal values centre on linking personal, organisational and community development. Her PhD was in the field of patient and public involvement and its relationship to organisational development. She is an accredited Executive Coach and holds a Masters in Industrial Relations.

Jane Eminson, Senior Associate

Health care management and delivery – Jane has previous CEO experience. Particular interests include developing standards and running peer review programmes, strategy development, leading external reviews of services and working with teams and groups to become solution focused through developing innovative and mutually beneficial ways forward. Mentoring and facilitation.

Sarah Faulkner, Senior Associate

Sarah is a successful and highly experienced leader in health and social care consultancy and interim leadership. Her passion is connecting strategy and performance: enabling leaders, teams and individuals to work collaboratively and deliver high quality outcomes. She has a track record of delivering complex strategic programmes, specialising in strategy and organisational development, workforce planning and management, organisational change and capability building with a commercial project management approach. Sarah began her career as an NHS Graduate Management Trainee and has worked extensively in the public and private sectors. She holds a Diploma in Health Services Management and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. As well as working with HSMC she is also Honorary Fellow at Manchester Business School and Visiting Fellow at Buckinghamshire New University.

Chris Fewtrell, Senior Associate

Chris was Chief Executive of North Derbyshire Health Authority until 2000.  He then worked as a Senior Research Fellow at ScHARR, Sheffield University on primary care policy for the DH.  He was previously a Research Fellow at HSMC between 1979 and 1981. Areas of interest include General Practice management and primary care development; commissioning including clinical commissioning; staff development and talent management and the relationship between staff satisfaction and organisational success.

Gillian Granville, Senior Associate

Gillian Granville is Director of Gillian Granville Associates and has considerable experience in carrying out multi-level evaluations of complex social programmes for government and in the public and third sector at national local and community level. She specialises in the Theory of Change methodology and focuses on measuring the changes or outcomes that occur as a result of an intervention or policy. In particular she is interested in how learning from 'what works' can be spread and replicated. Her key areas of expertise are in health improvement and health inequalities, young people who are less advantaged, lay health models, how people in communities can become better connected through intergenerational practice and in transition points across the life course. Gillian brings an academic rigour to her work with a doctorate in the social sciences and as a visiting Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Research on Ageing, University of Southampton. She brings a strong policy focus to evaluation through her experience in Government at the Department of Health and through working with local government. In particular she brings an understanding of the NHS through her grassroots practice as a professional nurse, midwife and health visitor and her national work at the Health Development Agency and the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement. She is a Senior Associate at the Health Services Management Centre, University of Birmingham.

Alys Harwood, Senior Associate

Alys is a very experienced personal development practitioner, who has spent 15 years in the Health Service in occupational therapy, management, training and development and policy-making settings in London Trusts and Health Authorities, the Institute for Health Services Management and the King’s Fund. She has been an independent Development Consultant since 1996. Alys’ independent practice focuses integrated leadership development; organisational change and development with particular expertise in culture change; change management; team development and transformational learning.

Kim Jelphs, Senior Associate

Kim has considerable expertise in the area of Primary Care. She is an experienced researcher, Clinical Director and Independent Consultant who has worked in and across diverse organisations, working with and leading teams to enhance services and performance. In addition to her research and consultancy she is a mentor and coach to senior staff working in public sector organisations.

Jane Keep, Senior Associate

Jane's areas of expertise lie in board, leadership, management and personal development; organisational development and change; patient, public, staff and clinician engagement; coaching, facilitation and learning methods.

Janice Lowe, Senior Associate

Janice's expertise lies in effective service development and improvement with teams, services and organisations, including leadership development programmes and action learning.  She specialises in working with practitioners, in coaching leaders and team development work.

Helen Parker, Senior Associate

Helen's area of expertise is primary health care systems and specifically community health care services.  She is also experienced in individual, team and organisational development and clinical service redesign processes.  Helen is an accredited coach with a specific interest in those moving from clinical/operational to strategic management roles.

Vega Roberts, Senior Associate

My first career was as a psychiatrist, which continues to be a plus in certain projects: it was my experience of working in 'mad' institutions that led to my interest in consultancy and leadership development.

Jonathan Shapiro, Senior Associate

With a background in primary care, Jonathan’s interests have centred on a whole system approach to the analysis and improvement of healthcare. In particular, his work looks at the organisational and professional boundaries that obstruct the delivery of truly holistic care.

Kath Sidoli, Senior Associate

Kath Sidoli has an extensive portfolio of research, teaching, change management and service improvement. She recently left the NHS as an NHS Trust Executive Director of Service Improvement, has established her own consultancy firm and is keen to work with HSMC on an Associate basis. She is currently working for the Department of Health but is keen to develop her consultancy working with NHS organisations and on related research projects.

Dr Simon Western, Senior Associate

Simon works internationally with senior leaders in corporate and public sector organisations, to transfer leading edge thinking into creative learning activities, promoting personal and organisational development. Activities include executive education in top business schools and leadership development as a coach, OD consultant and thought leader. Simon's publication Leadership A Critical Text (Sage 2008) sets out an exciting new vision for leadership in the 21st Century - he calls Eco-leadership to create more dynamic, sustainable and ethical organisations, with an emancipatory agenda. Simon's latest book Coaching and Mentoring a CriticalText (Sage 2012) offers a new meta-theory and sheds new light on coaching. His new company Analytic-Network Coaching Ltd. offers individual, team and OD coaching interventions. Simon has worked with senior executives in all sectors, including global leaders from HSBC Bank, London Business School, Astra Zeneca, Gap Inc. USA, NHS Chief Executives