Clinical and strategic commissioning

The latest government reforms are leading to major structural changes in the way we commission health and social care services in England.  With new GP consortia taking on 'hard' commissioning budgets and with local government taking more of a lead around public health, commissioning will remain a key activity - albeit in a very different context. 

These changes are also taking place in difficult financial circumstances and in a rapidly evolving policy context.  While tough times call for tough decisions, there is also a major opportunity for more locally-based approaches to commissioning and for innovative practice to emerge in the face of adversity.  For GPs, PCTs (subject to future restructuring) and local government to deliver in this tough financial climate, the capacity and capability of individuals and organisations involved in commissioning needs to be strengthened.

Decision making and priority setting

A key specialism is current  work around decision making and priority setting in health and social care. HSMC's interest in decision making concerns the exploration of the different priority setting tools and processes being utilised in health and social care.

Mental Health Alliance

The Mental Health Alliance is a unique partnership between HSMC, two leading specialist consultancy firms Mental Health Strategies and Contact Consulting, and the Centre for Mental Health. It seeks to support commissioners of mental health services develop their local capacity and expertise through combining our accumulated experience and skills in mental health commissioning.

Key aspects


Expert adaption for mental health commissioning (PDF)

Key staff

Kerry Allen,  Jon Glasby, Robin Miller and Iestyn Williams

Kerry Allen  Professor Jon GlasbyRobin MillerIestyn Williams