Several Senior Fellows and Senior Lecturers at HSMC are experienced coaches who have obtained, or are working towards the ILM Diploma in Leadership, Mentoring and Executive Coaching.

We believe that individuals benefit greatly from the individual and context specific attention that Coaching brings. Coaching is beneficial for those who are already effective, enhancing their resourcefulness and challenging their practice, and can provide much needed support in times of crisis and uncertainty.

Current clients include:

  • Managing Director, Provider Services
  • Director of Human Resources, NHS Acute Trust
  • Chief Executive, LIFT company
  • Director of Nursing, PCT
  • Director of Operations NHS Foundation Trust
  • Independent Consultant (Organisation Development)

We have also worked with organisations (including the Royal College of Nursing) to provide Coaching to a targeted group of staff or members and have included a Coaching element on leadership programmes delivered for NHS organisations.

Further information

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