Personalisation in health and social care

HSMC is at the forefront of national debates about the implementation of direct payments and personal budgets in both health and social care – and across broader public services.

Key resources

For an introduction to the concept of ‘Individual Service Funds, see Robin Miller’s new guide.

Needham, C (2011) Personalising Public Services: Understanding the Personalisation Narrative, Bristol: Policy Press (a key study of the transfer of the personalisation agenda to other public services)

Glasby J, Littlechild R (2009) Direct Payments and Personal Budgets, Bristol: Policy Press. The first UK introductory textbook on direct payments and personal budgets, summarising the current evidence and implications for policy and practice.

Policy Papers

HSMC has published a series of policy papers on the implications of direct payments and personal budgets for various aspects of the health and social care system, including material on:

Broader public services

Working with the Centre for Welfare Reform, HSMC have produced a series of broader policy papers entitled ‘Creating a Beveridge report for the C21st’. These explore the implications of personalisation for:

Other relevant HSMC publications

Other relevant HSMC publications include:

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