Degrees and programmes

Students using our libraryThe Department of Social Policy and Social Work (SPSW) has developed a reputation for delivering high quality teaching and learning which enables students to develop into reflective and research-informed professionals.

The Department offers undergraduate degree programmes in both social work and social policy; a range of postgraduate degree programmes at Masters, Diploma and Certificate levels, as well as research degrees (MPhil or PhD). We also offer a range of postqualifying/professional development programmes.

Undergraduate degrees (BA)

We offer an undergraduate degree in social work which is accredited by the HCPC. We also offer a well established and popular single honours social policy degree, two social policy pathway degrees,a joint honours social policy degree with other social science disciplines and an undergraduate degree in Policy, Politics and Economics.

Postgraduate / Masters degrees (MA)

We offer a range of taught programmes for graduates to take forward their interests in the fields of social work, social policy and professional practice, including those preparing to undertake a research degree or looking towards a career in research. 

Doctoral research degrees (PhD / MPhil)

Our postgraduate research programmes reflect the main areas of work within the Institute - social research, social policy and social care practice.  All programmes are recognised by the ESRC.

Professional development / postqualifying programmes

We offer postqualifying courses for practitioners and managers in social work and community justice. We also offer HCPC approved Specialist and Higher Specialist Awards plus a 5 day, independent module in Leading for Effective Safeguarding.