CHASM Research Seminar - 'Family Housing Wealth, Welfare and Intergenerational Equity'

Birmingham Business School
Lectures Talks and Workshops, Research, Social Sciences
Monday 14th November 2016 (15:00-17:00)
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The HOUWEL project is a five year EU funded project looking at the role of family housing property wealth in the shaping and reshaping of welfare regimes.

This is a cross national study that has combined quantitative and qualitative analyses of changing housing, household and welfare regime conditions across Europe (and Japan). It has specifically focused on the changing aspects of housing wealth in relation to welfare state and pension restructuring as well as shifting orientations in and toward housing property as a means to enhance economic and welfare security within families.

Our initial findings illustrate an ongoing orientation towards housing assets as a store of wealth that is compensating for increasing insecurity in employment conditions, financial markets and public provision. It also demonstrates growing inequalities in the use of and access to housing and property wealth that is reshaping both intergenerational relations and the political economy of housing and welfare. 


  • Richard Ronald (University of Amsterdam & University of Birmingham)
  • Christian Lennartz (UvA)
  • Rowan Arundel (UvA)
  • Oana Druta (UvA)

Watch a short animated film about the project here


If you would like to attend, please email Helen Harris on