Research in the Department of Social Policy and Social Work

Research in the Department of Social Policy and Social Work is committed to both rigour and relevance. Our work aims to make an important contribution to both academic discussion and the worlds of policy, practice and public debate. SPSW academics are constantly involved in a range of practical and more theoretical research projects, both across the UK and beyond. We then make the results of these available through our publications, designing these for a range of different audiences.

SPSW research covers a range of issues including poverty and social exclusion; social care and mental health; families, children and communities; global communities; housing; and wealth and wellbeing. Our research activities are divided into three Research Centres, six Research Groups/themes:

Research Centres

Research Groups and themes

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Key people

Mark Exworthy and Catherine Needham
Director(s) of Research and Knowledge Transfer

Helen Harris
Research Administrator