Social Policy at Birmingham

What is Social Policy?

Food banks, zero hours contracts, unaffordable housing. We see these terms in the news, but what do they actually mean? Social policy explores these societal problems, and more. It not only introduces you to the key mechanisms through which governments seek to improve the welfare of their citizens, but also the political debate of what this actually means, the differences such debates generate and how we conduct analysis which allows us to make change.

As a subject, social policy seeks change at a societal and global level. Birmingham students explore the subject through a range of conceptual and analytical approaches to develop an understanding of a range of social problems. But students go further than understanding, they seek to promote change. The subject, more than any other, is about creating new potential futures in society as we seek the end of social problems which blight citizen's lives.

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Come to a Discovery Day

We would like to invite your A-Level class to come to one of our Social Policy Discovery Days to learn, not only what it is like being a student at Birmingham, but also to find out more about the provocative and inspiring subject of Social Policy.

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