Social Policy at Birmingham

What is Social Policy?

  • Why do we have the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in Europe?
  • Is the criminal justice system working?
  • Should faith groups have a role in public life?
  • Is the divide between rich and poor getting bigger?

Social Policy is an integral part of our lives and world around us. Navigate the complexity of social media, newspapers, internet, television and radio and listen to the animated and passionate conversations of local, national and international commentators and you will repeatedly find social policy issues at the core of those debates. By studying Social Policy at Birmingham, we encourage and empower you to consider the differing views of social issues and examine the opposing views on how to respond to these questions and dilemmas.

Anyone with a broad interest in the social sciences, but who is undecided on a definite course of career, will find Social Policy an ideal choice as it encompasses diverse subject areas. The subject is appropriate for those who enjoy and want to know more about current affairs, unlocking value for those who want to make a contribution towards improving society, so that others can follow and benefit.

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We would like to invite your A-Level class to come to one of our Social Policy Discovery Days to learn, not only what it is like being a student at Birmingham, but also to find out more about the provocative and inspiring subject of Social Policy.

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