British Academy UK-Latin America and Caribbean Link Programme

The British Academy UK-Latin America and Caribbean Link Programme seeks to encourage interaction between scholars from the UK and Latin America and/or the Caribbean, in order to foster and strengthen academic links. Through this programme, Dr Nathan Hughes of the School of Social Policy and Professor Nelly Nucci of the Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, have obtained funding for two seminars; the first of which will take place in Cordoba, Argentina in April. The second seminar is due to take place in Birmingham in April 2013.

The seminars will explore family-minded policy and whole family practice through comparative analysis by bringing together experts from a mix of countries that ensures the social, political, cultural, historical, structual, and legislative variation needed to question and challenge nationally-held assumptions and dominant discourses. The participants have undertaken research in different contexts related to both the structural and cultural construction of gender, generations and family practices, and the institutional and cultural framework which social problems exist and are solved within.

Nathan Hughes and Sue White from the School of Social Policy will be participating in the seminar, along with representatives from the University of Nottingham, Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Universidad Catolica de Chile and Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon.

More information

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