Global community

One of a series of broad research themes which underpin the research activities of the School of Social Policy.

Global community

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Research projects

Superdiversity - Civil society and new migrants in superdiverse contexts, Marie Curie Fellowship (2014-2017)

This project aims to investigate the role of civil society organisations (CSOs) for new migrants in superdiverse contexts. It explores whether CSOs are instrumental in the building of social relations during new migrants' settlement process. This social aspect of the settlement process, also described as social integration, is crucial regarding other aspects of settlement such as access to education, housing and the labour market.

Precarious status, migration governance and new geographies of mobility (2013-2017)

The primary aim of this programme of research is to develop ground-breaking comparative analysis on the interplay between forms and modes of contemporary political membership, migration governance, and politics of belonging through the in-depth examinations of a range of contemporary experiences of political and social membership.

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Chris AllenChris Allen
Lecturer in Social Policy, Institute of Applied Social Studies



Dr Lisa GoodsonLisa Goodson
Lecturer, Institute of Applied Social Studies



Jenny PhillimoreJenny Phillimore
Professor of Migration and Superdiversity, Institute of Applied Social Studies and Director of the Institute for Research into Superdiversity (IRiS)


Nando SigonaNando Sigona
Birmingham Fellow and Lecturer, Institute of Applied Social Studies