Jerry Conway

Doctoral researcher, School of Social Policy


School of Social Policy
Muirhead Tower

Year started: 2009
F/T or P/T: Part time
Supervisor(s): Harriet Clarke and Jan Waterson

Research topic

'Researching the Social Care Relationship'


  • PG Diploma in Human Resource Development
  • Certificate in Community and Youth Work

Background and professional experience

I have  worked in social work and social care for the last 30 years in operational management and staff development roles in London and the West Midlands. Following this, I led on social care and the voluntary sector at the Learning and Skills Council. He is currently self-employed as a social care consultant and trainer.

Teaching/training experience

I managed learning and development at Wolverhampton Social Services Department for 12 years.

Research Overview

My overall goal is to develop research into the nature of the social care relationship, discover how positive interactions can be promoted and how to support social care staff in developing positive relationships with the people they work with. Having worked in the social care field for 30 years, I have come to the belief that thenature of the interaction between staff and service users is a significant factor in the wellbeing of people receiving those services. For the MA dissertation I will start to explore this topic by interviewing a variety of stakeholders to find out how this area can best be researched. Then for my PhD I intend to carry out a more in-depth study using the knowledge gained from this piece of work to inform the methodology. This more in-depth study will explore what is going on in the social care relationship and ways of developing and supporting positive interactions.