Clare Hill

Doctoral researcher, School of Social Policy


School of Social Policy
Muirhead Tower
University of Birmingham

Year started: 2009
F/T or P/T: Full time
Supervisor(s): Nathan Hughes and Harriet Clarke

Research topic

'Understanding the family in family support'


  • MA Applied Social Research
  • Dip HE Community and Youth Work
  • BSc (Econ) Social Policy

Background and professional experience

Whilst Clare's professional background is in youth and community work, the majority of her career has been spent working in the youth justice system. Before embarking on her PhD, Clare worked as a senior practitioner, supervising staff and specialising in casework with young people displaying serious/persistent offending behaviour. Clare's professional background has helped shape her research focus and her wider interest in multi-interdisciplinary practice, practitioner reflexivity and research for practice.

Teacher/training experience

  • MA Community Justice
  • BA Social Work - Critical thinking, reading and writing for academic study
  • Access to Birmingham (A2B Scheme)

Research Overview

Existing evidence suggests that more developed conceptual and theoretical frameworks are necessary to support the development of family minded services and interventions. Understandings of concepts such as 'family', 'need' and 'support' within policy and practice require examination, and consideration given to their associated impact upon service delivery.

Clare's research sets out to surface the conceptual and theoretical frameworks that underpin the delivery of integrated family support. Exploring professional discourse and practice, the study seeks to explore how concepts such as 'family' are constructed through 'talk'.

Conference papers

Hill, C (2011),'Researching families with complex needs - theoretical, methodological and ethical considerations', Researching Families and Relationships Early Career Researcher Conference, University of Edinburgh

Clare is a member of the Families, Policy and Professional Practice Research Group.

Doctoral Researcher