Doctoral researchers

The contribution of our research students is integral to the academic and community life of the School of Social Policy. Students come from a wide range of backgrounds, some straight from undergraduate degrees, others having worked in social and health care, education, youth work, criminal justice, community work, faith-based organisations, national and local government and the voluntary sector. The School also has a tradition of hosting visiting international research students from the USA and Eastern Europe, as well as an established tradition of supervising research students with a range of disabilities, who are also service users.

Institute of Applied Social Studies

Asif Afridi
Effective, equal and fair: models of representation/ community engagement

Naheed Akhtar
Investigation of the normalization of Islamophobic discourse following 9/11 attacks

Simon Bartlett
Shared services and life chances

Sarah Bennett
Black or white? The negotiation of identity amongst Mixed Heritage children who are 'looked after

Amy Burnage
Social movements in digital spaces

James Coombes
Deviance and social change

Chris Damm
The effects of government funding on voluntary organisations

Tracey Davanna
Muslim prisoners

Elizabeth English

Stephen Forrest
Regional Planning and Housing 2003-2007

Matthew Gibson
What contribution can emotional education make to social work practice?

Dharman Jeyasingham
The spatiality of children's social work: how social workers in safeguarding services construct, experience and negotiate space and place

Lukano Omunson
Exploring the key factors influencing the decision for assisted voluntary returns of failed asylum seekers and illegal migrants in the UK

Roberto Ozman
Unaccompanied and separated children

Ben Kyneswood
Learning practices of young volunteers

Euncheong Lee
Social Enterprises

Cheol Lim
A study of agencification and change of management arrangements in the public sector in South Korea

Benjamin Pattison
The impact of changes in housing tenure on the distribution of financial risk

Monica Viviana Pinilla Roncancio
Disability and poverty in Latin American countries

Peter Redford
Social policy - poverty alleviation and social mobility

Raquel Silva
Portugal - political terrorism

Fatima Syed
Personal Finance Education

Valerie Sylvester
Generational migration and African Caribbean women

Vita Terry
The Third Sector: Adopting an Explicit Economic Interest

Vanessa Wilkes
Understanding and improving the measurement of community involvement activities by housing associations

Natasha Williams
The empowerment of the people

Timothy Williams
Mandated joint working, health and social care

Xiaolin Yang
The impact of the Current Welfare Reform in Guangzhou on the welfare of Internal Migrant Workers in China

Health Services Management Centre

Balbir Bhogal
Patient choice and its impact upon secondary care - a review

Amanda Dell
Are Gynae oncology pathways adhered to? What are the costs and what was the patient experience?

Thomas Daniels
Disinvestment in health services

Alexander Duncan
Collaborative private/NHS partnerships - Are they a way to drive enhanced performance?

Younes Hanash
Health Services management

Ki Tae Kim
Publicness and health inequalities

Jennifer Lynch
The aspirations and practice of telecare: A case study of Telecare in England

Tam Milner
From institution to business: Achieving sustainable competitive advantage in UK higher education institutions

Iain Snelling
A realistic evaluation of clinical leadership NHS acute hospitals

Sophie Wheeley
A study into the effects of the usage of informatics on organisational performance from an organisational development perspective

Emily Whitaker
Personalisation in children's social care: meaning and practice 


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Doctoral Researcher Yearbook 2013