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Robin Miller

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School of Social Policy, HSMC and TSRC
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University of Birmingham
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Robin is a Senior Fellow at HSMC, the Health & Social Care Delivery Lead within the Third Sector Research Centre, and a Fellow of the School for Social Care Research. His research interests build on his practical experiences in the field, and centre on commissioning and management of integrated services, the role and impact of the Third Sector, and personalisation. He leads on a variety of knowledge exchange projects with health and social care organisations, with a particular focus on evaluating and learning from change initiatives. Robin is Co-Editor of the Journal of Integrated Care and an Associate Editor of the International Journal of Integrated Care. He is lead tutor for the integrated care specialism at HSMC and is a cohort director on the national NHS Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Leadership Programme. Outside of his University role, Robin is a non-executive director on the Board of Trident Social Investment Group and the chair of the board of trustees of Reach, one of the leading charities in the west Midlands providing housing, health and social care to vulnerable people. In August 2014 Robin will take over the role of Director of Consultancy at HSMC.

Robin specialises in the commissioning and provision of community based services, with a focus on:

  • Integration between health, social care and wider public, third and private sector partnerships; 
  • Organisational development and change;
  • Third sector delivery of health and social care services;
  • Personalisation and social value in procurement; 
  • Evaluating external and internal impacts of projects and services.


His relevant qualifications and memberships are:

  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (2013)
  • PG Cert in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, University of Birmingham (2013)
  • Fellow of the School for Social Care Research (2011)
  • Future Directors Programme, Social Care Institute of Excellence (2010)
  • MSc in Public Sector Management (Distinction), University of Birmingham (2004)
  • MA in Social Work, University of Edinburgh (1994) 
  • Diploma in Social Work, University of Edinburgh (1994)
  • BSc (Upper Second), University of Glasgow 1990


Prior to taking up post at the University, Robin was a frontline social work practitioner in disability and mental health services before moving into operational management of integrated health and social care teams. He worked as a Commissioning Manager for Vulnerable Adults & People with a Learning Disability before taking on the leadership of an Integrated Service for children and adults with a disability. His final operational post was Deputy Director of Community Services within a Care Trust with a lead for Children’s health services and adult disability and mental health. Through his consultancy work he has maintained a direct link with the realities of health and social practice, and seeks to support managers to use research and theory to improve patient experience and outcomes. He has won awards in relation to his management of integrated services (APSE Award for Public-Public Partnerships) and his academic publications (Highly Commended Award Winner at the Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2012).


Current research and evaluation projects include: 

  • Robin is social care lead in the CLAHRC-West Midlands Chronic diseases theme 
  • Improving integrated working between general practice and adult social work (West Midlands Academic Health Science Network) 
  • Social Value and Health Care Improvement (SW Social Enterprise Network)
  • Support for people who are homeless with complex needs (Midland Heart Housing Association)
  • Managing Organisational Change in social care: A review for practitioners and managers (National Institute for Health Research School for Social Care Research) 
  • Understanding the impact of patient led councils in secure settings (Black Country Mental Health Partnership Foundation NHS Trust)
  • Reviewing the workforce development model within adult social care (Birmingham City Council) 
  • Evaluation of the Person Centred Change Programme (Real Life Options)
  • Commissioning of Third Sector mental health services (Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), the Office of the Third Sector (OTS) and the Barrow Cadbury UK Trust)
  • Evaluation of the Gloucestershire Long-term Support Model (Stroke Association)


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  • integration in health and social care
  • the role of the third sector (i.e. voluntary organisations, charities and social enterprises) in health and social care
  • social care and community health services (in particulat learning disability and mental health)
  • Commissioning of health and social care services

Alternative contact number available for this expert: contact the press office


Health and social care policy in genera; social enterprise; commissioning; partnerships; community services; services for people with a learning disability

Alternative contact number available for this expert: contact the press office

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