Accreditation of Clinical Educators (ACE) scheme

The Accreditation of Clinical Educators (ACE) scheme has been implemented by the CSP to recognise and formalise current good practice in clinical education and to raise the standard and quality of clinical education experiences nationwide. Members can gain ACE status by successfully completing one of a choice of two routes, supported and assessed by a Higher Education Institute (HEI).

ACE - Overview

Clinicians will choose to qualify for ACE accreditation via one of two routes:

  • experiential route - profile (portfolio) based*
  • programme route - taught course/module, which may also carry academic credit**

Whichever route is chosen, the individual will work to provide evidence that they have met 6 key learning outcomes.

Learning outcomes

The practice placement educator should provide evidence that s/he is able to:

  • Describe the role and identify the attributes of the effective practice placement educator
  • Apply learning theories that are appropriate for adult and professional learners
  • Plan, implement and facilitate learning in the clinical setting
  • Apply sound principles and judgement in the assessment of performance in the clinical setting
  • Evaluate the learning experience
  • Reflect on experience and formulate action plans to improve future practice

You will of course realise that you are already doing all of these things! So why not get some recognition from the CSP and add to your CPD portfolio at the same time.

For detailed information on the ACE scheme (including information on how to register) please use the following link to access the CSP web-site: Accreditation of Clinical Educators Scheme

*For those wishing to proceed via the portfolio route please contact Christina Anderson for mentorship advice -

**To access information regarding ACE accredited courses run by the University of Birmingham (modules contribute 20 credits towards MSc level study) see below
MSc taught option: Work Based Continuous Professional Development