Helen Callaghan and Marianne Hensman, Clinical Tutors "Shaping the future of physiotherapy by delivering evidence in practice-based learning and teaching."

The clinical team links the physiotherapy department at the University of Birmingham with practice placements providing support to both practice placement educators and students throughout their placement experience.

Students are prepared for their placement experience in Practice Placement Preparation sessions in the University prior to embarking on placement. They have access to members of the clinical team for tutorials if necessary. Regular educator training takes place in the University, and can also be provided on-site in Trusts if appropriate, to prepare and support practice placement educators in facilitating the learning of students on practice placement.

Once students are out on placement support is provided to both students and practice placement educators through regular visits, and by contact via email or phone. We are available to support you if you have any queries or difficulties relating to the placement.

Support is provided both pre-placement and during placement to disabled students and other students who have specific support needs.

The clinical team is also involved in ensuring the quality of placements through audit and feedback. The allocation of students to appropriate placements is monitored by the team to ensure an adequate placement profile for each student.

We produce regular newsletters:

and Practice Placement Handbooks providing relevant and up to date information: