Clinical Team - Physiotherapy


We are the Clinical Practice Team at the University of Birmingham. We support the Practice Placements from the preparation of students and practice placement educators  to supporting them whilst on placement and developing the practice placement quality.

Educator Support

As the Clinical Team at the University of Birmingham we support the Practice Placement Educators who facilitate the students learning on Practice Placement. This website offers the educators an invaluable resource of supporting materials for successful facilitation of quality placements.

Student Support

Although this website is mainly aimed at the Practice Placement Educators, our Clinical Team also supports the students before, during and after their Practice Placements. This website includes some supporting materials and relevant links for the students’ preparation and facilitation of learning for a successful placement.


Practice Placement Administration System

This is a web-based resource that will allow you to provide information about the placements you provide to prospective students. It will also allow you to retrieve information yourself regarding; the placements that you have offered, the identification of students that are to be placed in your area and past student feedback