Preparation for placement

This page gives an overview of the preparation for placement process we take the students through.

First, you can click here for a checklist of the things you will need to have done prior to your very first placement:

Before your 1st Placement

Remember that whilst you are out on placement you must maintain high levels of professionalism at all times. For further guidance we strongly urge you to read the following document prepared by the CSP:

CSP Code of Members Professional Values and Behaviour

Six Weeks Before Placement...

Check the placement database 6 weeks before your placement to find out where you are going:

WebCT Login:

Open and print out the placement profile, pop it in your portfolio to keep it safe, but before you do so make a note of the recommended pre-placement reading.

Next, get hold of the books/articles you need and start reading! The placement will come round more quickly than you think so it's a good idea to start studying straight away and do a bit each week, rather trying to cram at the last minute. There are useful resources on e-library and use the Library Catalogue all available through

Two Weeks Before Placement...

Contact your educator using the details provided on the placement profile:
Checklist of things to cover: 

  • Find out where you need to report to
  • What uniform should you wear (there is also some guidance in your handbook)
  • What is your start time
  • When will you schedule your study time*
  • Is there anything else you need to be aware of

*BSc Year 2 & 3 students receive the equivalent of one 1/2 day of study time per week.
*MSc (pre-reg) students receive one full day of study time per week.

One Week Before Placement...

Pop into reception to collect a Practice Placement Assessment Form (PPAF), make sure it's the right colour:

BSc Year 1 - Pink

BSc Year 2 - Yellow

BSc Year 3 - Green

MSc (pre-reg) Year 1 - Blue

MSc (pre-reg) Year 2 - Blue

Print a learning contract to take with you on placement (copies found on WebCT which you can copy to your own memory stick).

Download and print a copy of the marking guide specific to your year, reading it will help you get a good idea of what your educator will be looking for. Take it along on the placement as your educator can use it for your 1/2-way appraisal. See the Assessment page to access the marking guides and to get an overview of entire process. 

On the Day of the Placement...

Turn up on the right day at the right location (don't laugh, it has happened), aim to get there at least 10 minutes early, don't forget:

Your assessment paperwork & Learning Contract

Your I.D. badge

A notebook and pen

Your pre-placement reading

Finally, good luck and enjoy the placement!

After the Placement...

Don't forget to hand in your assessment form as you will lose 5 marks for each day it is late (until you reach 0 !).

Also remember to fill out the on-line placement evaluation on WebCT. This is really important for your educators who will try to act on your feedback to improve the placement.

Please note: you will not be able to view the details of your next placement until you have completed the evaluation of your last placement