International Year

Student watching sunsetDuring your study on our undergraduate programmes we offer the opportunity to spend a year at an overseas university as part of your degree. This could include studying in Europe, Canada, the United States, Australia or many other countries around the world. 

Arizona State University - photo by savethedaveYou would complete the first two years of your degree here in Birmingham, then spend a year abroad, before returning to complete your degree. If you pass the year abroad, you would graduate with a BSc with International Year. We see this as a great opportunity for you to explore different approaches to your subject and to experience living in a different culture.

You do not have to commit to this programme from the beginning of your degree. All students who achieve a minimum mark in their first year (usually around 55%) will be eligible to apply for the international year during their second year, and will be supported by the University International Office. It is a competitive process, but we are usually able to place students at one of our partner institutions. You will be supported by the School to ensure that you select a programme that would enhance your personal educational interests and experience. This support continues while you are overseas; you remain an important part of our School while you are away and helping you to make the most of the year is part of our role. 

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For further advice contact Dr Martin Toms, International Year Abroad Tutor, at